How to sell DHFL shares after delisting?

I was sick for a few days so I forgot to sell the shares of DHFL after it got delisted when Piramal Ent. bought it. Is there a way to sell these stocks on Zerodha. I have found out that I can sell it till next year. Can someone please explain the process? Thanks!

Regret. nothing can be done, cremeation over.

My empathy regarding your investment in DHFL.
Yes the window of one year to sell after delisting is only for those companies who have voluntarily delisted. How I know is because, I was holding the shares of Vedanta and when they tried to delist, I read that the shareholders get one year from the date of delisting to sell to the promoters.

However, the situation is not the same with DHFL. I read, not an expert, that the existing shareholders will get nothing after the sale.

I am pretty much sure of the above, but as a standard disclaimer, not an expert. Other experts in the forum could give inputs.


This is applicable only in case if stocks which are voluntarily delisted, this is not the case with DHFL. Hence, it won’t be possible.