How to sell or buy options with strike price beyond the listed ones

How do I sell.or buy the options of strike price which is not listed in the option chain yet, for eg. In the April monthly expiry of Nifty contract, PUt options can only be sold from 14750, what if I want to sell 13000 put option, how do I create a open interest for that particular strike price.

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The availability of strikes depends on index level. The Strike scheme for Nifty Index options for near expiries (i.e. Near, Mid and Far month expiries) is 30 ITM, 1 ATM and 30 OTM strikes based on previous day’s closing price of the index. You can check out more information on the NSE website.

This strike will be available for trading for long dated options like Quarterly or Half-yearly expires. You can check them out here.