How to sell shares with out a trading account

Hi Zerodha,  

Actually one of my friend has a trading account with Zerodha ,so he referred me. 

I have a demat account with Axis bank (IPO) just a demat account no trading account.I have holded around 7 lakh worth of shares.Now i am planing to open a trading account with Zerodha but before that i have certain queries. 

- Spoke to one of your stock broker , i asked him about linking an existing demat with zerodha trading account .He said yes it is possible , by providing a latest client master report. ANYWAY ITS SORTED.

- Query is if i am linking my existing Demat with Zerodha trading account.Then how will i sell it with out a trading account (as mentioned above dont have a trading account facility with Axis bank) 

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So here is how it works, a demat account is very similar to a bank account.

  1. To transfer money to your bank account, i just need your account number

So if you map your demat account to the trading account, similar to how money can be transferred to a bank account, shares can be transferred to a demat account. So when you map your demat to our trading, you can start buying shares.

  1. Once money is in your bank account, can I transfer it back to my account on my own? :slight_smile:

Similarly when you map an axis demat account, Zerodha’s trading account will have no right to pick up shares from your demat account when you sell it.

So if you intend to sell shares that in your axis demat account, you will have to open a trading account with Axis itself and sell it, but yeah you will pay almost Rs 3500 in brokerage (@0.5%), Otherwise you can open a demat account with Zerodha, transfer those 7lk worth of shares here and sell it all for Rs 20. :slight_smile:


Caution: 20 Rs. if you have 7lakhs worth of of only one comapany.
otherwise for each company you may need to shell out 20 or 0.1% whichever is lower…
you should publicise your strenghts with discalimer, Mr Nithin

Whether its 1 or 10 companies he would still benifit with such low brokerage cost.