How to sell stocks in T1 Holdings using https://z5. Zerodha. Com

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I am using the Zerodha Web portal for trading. I want to sell the stocks in T1 holdings (BTST). But when i do that in , stocks that are already in Holding gets sold instead of the one in T1 holding bucket(BTST). Is there any way to filder the T1 holdings alone in webportal ?



Hi Ashok,

If I understand your question, you have share’s of X in your Demat and 2 days back you bought more shares of X and you want to sell those X shares you bought 2 days back and not the ones in the Deamt. If this is what you asking for it will not be possible… As you place the order using CNC (Cash and Carry) to buy or sell shares, and if you place a fresh sell order CNC it will take the share that are in the Demat form before not the T1 holding’s as they are not received by you yet.

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Anil : Thanks for the clarification.

I have a question in my account the qty is showing 0 and T1 4 , can anyone explain what does that mean?

Stocks bought as CNC (equity delivery) start showing up in holdings from the next trading day (shows up in position tab on the day of purchase). But settlement cycle for stocks in India is 2 days (T+2), so stocks will be in the demat account only after two days from purchasing. Until stocks are delivered, they show up as T1 holdings.

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Can we check the price at which we bought the stock on kite app.

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