How to sell year old stocks?

If I had purchased stocks in parts then how to know when I purchased the stocks and sell only those part which are year old?
So, the question are in two parts:

  1. If I own 1000 stocks purchased at different time interval then how to know how many of them are bought year back?
  2. How to sell those year old stocks?

I read that I need transaction id, using which I can sell stocks that are year old so to save on Capital Gain tax. But I do not see such thing here. I want to sell few year old stock.

I think on zerodha stocks are sold/bought on FIFO basis so whichever is the oldest will get sold first.

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You go to Q>Profile and click on a stock which will open the tradebook. You can check the date of purchase in that.

As @newguy mentioned. Stocks sold on a FIFO basis. Meaning stocks bought first will be sold first.

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