How to set 45 degree angle in zerodha kite chart

Can any one please tell how to set 45 degree angle in zerodha kite?

Bhai, trading kar rahe ho ki “PATANG” uda rahe ho?


question is not clear bro

Click on the Pen icon Up Right side of Chart.

Now, From select tool drop down list, Select Line tool.

Now, on chat click on where you wanna draw 45 degree angle.

Once you will select the Line tool you get the idea of how to use it.

Kite app pe patang hi udate hai sab aap kya karte ho?


Thanks for the reply. Actually Iam trying to set the Gann fan’s 1/1 line on the 45degree angle at a particular price in the chart. Do you have any solution related to that?

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Here, everything is explained.

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An Angle tool is required in order to properly set the gann fan. Its present in chart. Can we have the same in Kite platform?

please tell how draw trend angle ??? thnks

Yes you can and its very very simple. All you need to do is download an onscreen protractor extension in google chrome and overlap it on Zerodha kite chart, the background is transparent so it will be pretty convenient for you to adjust the gann fan angle on the on-screen protractor and you are good to go. I tried it and it works wonderfully.

Go to

hello .did you got the solution ? then pls explain how to draw angle on kite ?

Hi Abhijit, here’s how you can do it. This is available on Trading View charts on Kite.