How to set an alert at specific price of a scrip


Everyday I would like to set an alert for a scrip at the occurrence of certain price.

Based on which I want to decide either to buy / sell.

How can I set this alert in pi using trade script? or otherwise?

You can use an expert advisor and do this quite easily

You can set any price here -

And this one is for 52 week alerts -

It is possible to trigger an email alert whenever your specific condition is met, if you provide more details on your condition, we could enable the alert for you. So that you could make your trading decision when you receive the alert. check

Its pretty easy to set alerts in AmiBroker.

  1. Add Symbol to Realtime Quote Window.
  2. Right Click on symbol in Realtime Quote Window and Select Easy Alert.
  3. Alert List window pops-up
  4. Enter the Symbol name and alert parameter like LTP touches High or low It will generate alerts in various format
  5. Supported Alert output Email/Popup/Text/Voice



(Authorized vendor of NSE supporting realtime data feeds to Amibroker,Metastock and Ninjatrader)

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