How to set Desktop Notifications (Sound alerts) for RSI in Streak

How can I set Desktop Notifications (Sound alerts) for RSI in Streak, for Nifty and each Nifty 50 stocks ?

@Streak can you.

Thats what I am asking !
If yes, then how ?

Once you login to Streak, you get a notification pop up in the browser. You need to click on “Allow”.

Then you can create a scanner using the RSI indicator in Streak. For Example,
RSI(14,0) higher than 60

Keep the basket to scan on as “Nifty 50” and set the scanner live to receive notifications on your PC.

Note: you need to keep Streak open in your browser tab.

Thank you so much for the detailed reply
Just a a few more queries

a) Will it be a sound alert too ?
b) How do I create a scanner for all nifty 50 companies. Do I have to do for all the companies separately or is there a shorter way ?

Yes, a browser notification with sound.

Nifty 50,100 and 500 baskets are already added by default. You just need to run one scaner on the Nifty 50 basket

Thank you very much
Will subscribe to Streak from tomorrow