How to set trigger price for entry along with target and stoploss?

Here’s what I’m trying to do.

Say, I have a stock trading at 150 currently. I want to buy it at market price when it goes up to 160. When I buy it at 160, I want to set an exit target at 170 and a stoploss at 150. Is there any way I can specify these conditions for entry, exit and stoploss without waiting for the price to reach my intended entry point?

Yes, You can achieve this by Using Bracket Order.

  1. Open Bracket Order
  2. Select SL radio button
  3. Fill Quantity
  4. In Price fill 160.50
  5. In Trigger Price Fill 160. ( The moment Price will touch 160 You order will get executed between 160-160.50 whatever the the available price after 160. )
  6. In Stop-loss Fill 10.
  7. In Target Fill 10.
  8. Click on “BUY” you are done.

Thank you. That worked. :slight_smile:

Does Kite 3 accept SL and SL-M entries in its bracket order ? Earlier it took only Limit entries…I use Kite for charting only…

Yes, Kite 3.0 Accept SL entry in Bracket Orders.

One more question. Can a similar functionality be accessed for delivery trades? I get that I can manually set two exit triggers (one each for the target and stoploss), but is there a way to get one automatically cancelled when the other is triggered?

This type of Feature is only available in Bracket Order Type.

For Order Type CNC you need to do it manually by Placing multiple orders and cancel it manually non-executed orders.

@Streak is it possible in Streak?

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You can use At Price indicator for this strategy on Streak to enter in a price range and exit based on profit target and stop loss from trigger notifications generated. Bracket orders are not available at this point on Streak.

PLease provide me same scenario details in Option trading.
THat how I can place target and stoploss both in Option trading in CALL and PUT . Please provide me details.

Hi, can someone plz tell me how to set target price for delivery trades in Zerodha, if we already have the shares in our account.

Select the share, click Exit option which you get one of the options in menu, select Limit in the order window and enter price for which you want to sell.

Do remember that this order will be valid for a day and cleared at end of day

Thanks for the reply, but limit order will not allow us to set a target higher than the market price. I guess I will have to take help of some app to alert me when target is in my selling price band


I think the purpose of the Limit Sell Order is just that, to enter a price that is greater than current price.
But, yes as @dheeraj said, it is valid only for a day.

So, you have to either enter the order at the start of every day, or as you say keep an alert for the price and manually exit the position when alert is triggered.

You can use Streak, to clear a simple at price strategy in which will alert you with a limit buy sell window of your desired price.
You can deploy this as a CNC strategy, then it will be tracking this continuously for as many days you want(till you stop the strategy)

I was trying to do the same yesterday for INTRADAY (Wanted to place a buy order on trigger of 5 points above the CMP, with a target of 20 points and stop loss of 10 points below the ordered price). As mentioned in the main thread, Bracket order can be used. But Bracket orders seems to be have been blocked.
This kind of requirement / feature will be very useful for working people who cannot continuously keep track of the trading screen. Is there any other way in Zerodha? Please suggest.

you can do it like this :