How to set up Greek Market Watch settings in Nesttrader?

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Right Click on Market Watch Column Header --> Reposition column Header --> select the required greeks like Cal Delta, Cal Gamma. etc.

But unfortunately these don’t show any values - think they are not calculated to display.

Check out “How to apply Greeks in Market Watch” in the following link


Well this is not the answer i was expecting…all this things in know. In the Nesttrader in the market watch when u click the right mouse button u will get a window. In that window there is a thing called Option Greeks. When u point to Option Greeks there is a thing called Make Greek Settings. I just want to know how to set up the Make Greek Settings.

Right click on an Option Instrument and then select Make Greek Settings --> you will get a New window of Greek MW Settings.
Enter the required values and click Add.
Volatility refers to Implied Volatility = you can get it from
Interest Rate - 10 (thats what NSE uses for IV calculation)
No Of Days 30 - this is the number of days to expiration. Since today is 1st and expiration is on 31, no of days will be 30