How to setup a BUY in 1 min candle chart

I want to BUY/SELL at 1 min candle chart. But the condition I am using is not supported by STREAK it seems -

Please help


Buy 100 shares when the HIGH of 1 min CANDLE crosses above Previous 30 MIN Candle that have been created during the TIME FRAME - [ 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM ]

SL: either EXIT or 5% SL - 5% PROFIT.

Why my post is REMOVED?
I did not the answer of my query and you being the moderator removed my requirement ? WHY ??

I got your response as -

TBH … try with a 5 min candle …one min and three min candles are too volatile … Unless you have a DHFL or Infibeam kind of situation…

– My response —

Using 5 min / 10 min - it’s my choice. I think I have that freedom right? You have not provided any fruitful solution to the condition I stated.

@Streak - Please respond.

@Streak - May I get an answer from you please?

Yes and No.

Yes. You are correct.

No. This setup is not possible on Streak.

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@Streak - may I get the timeline when this feature will be available?
If I am not wrong, probably the DEV folks are working on it right?

@arjun_singh2 - Thanks for the info.

If it was me and this was really important, I will look into other options, like Amibroker Automation.

This is a complex strategy for streak to handle, at least not anytime soon.


Hi, you can create this as follows:
High crosses previous N(high,-1,30min)
And then in advanced section select the time from 11:00 - 3:15
Please fine the screenshot for reference.
Kindly try out and make sure that the backtesting signals are as per you requirement.
For any further queries feel free to write to support [@]

@streak Missed this point. The 30 min candle is the one at 10.30am, not the n-1 candle.

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Also one important point I missed. My BAD.
@arjun_singh2 - It’s OK. Will select 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM - to avoid the confusion.

@Streak - I want to choose ONE and ONLY one particular candle [ say here 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM ] through out the DAY. The strategy you pinged will choose every previous candle’s in the whole day of time span.

This is not complex at all, it just have to stated directly and clearly.
We are releasing updates very frequently increasing the flexibility for the user.


The screenshot pinged was to answer the requirement.
Here beacuse you have reduce the trade between time to 10:30 to 10:45 or whatever you want the signal will get only generated if the condition is true when checking for the minute candles In between this time range. So with previous N with offset of -1, the only 30min candle which will be valid to be used for checking will be 10:15am 30min candle.
Now if you want to just establish a high or low for the 2nd 30min candle of the day, then you will have to wait till our dev team releasing the indicator for intraday range formation.