How to setup multi screen workstation?

Also,please let me know the best Charting software


Typically traders setup a 4 screen workstation to -

  1. Run the terminal on screen

  2. News and other information broadcast service

  3. Charts

  4. Algorithm

You can contact any IT vendor and ask him to help you with a dual monitor setup. Do make sure your the CPU is powered up to carry such a load.

Before going to IT vendor try this and proceed. Because I am using this for more than a year.

  1. Do have a TV cum monitor ( I’m using Samsung T24c350), preferably 27" monitor.

  2. Connect your pc with TV cum monitor thru VGA.

  3. Go to control panel > appearance & personalisation > display > screen resolution to enable multi monitor set up.

  4. Click detect.

  5. Your pc will detect the second display and the same can be enabled.

  6. Connect your set top box to the tv cum monitor for viewing live business channels by adjusting screen size of PIP function (picture-in-picture) of tv cum monitor.

  7. U can use pc for trading terminal. Tv cum monitor for live tv, charting and algo. Plenty of space to accommodate all these things.

There is no need to go to IT vendor for this. U can do it on ur own.

I am satisfied with this.

Best wishes


Can you please name the few,I do not know how to approach.plz help

I guess if you give the requirement, any local IT vendor should be able to set this up for you. For charting software suggest you read this -

Karthik Ji,do you think MetaStock works well with the Indian markets?and I am finding some distribution issues with Amibroker.Help me plz to choose the best and from where can I buy the same,Thanks

I have used Metastock for many years now and I’m quite happy with it…however I have heard Amibroker is quite good as well but I have hardly used Ami, so cant comment. A company called Viratech is the official distributor of Metastock and for Ami you need to contact Neotrade analytics.

Nice suggestion.

I need to setup three monitors,please tell me the requirements with procedure.

And I do not require Tv setup on computer as I already have a TV installed.