How to short a scrip for multiple days?

How to short a script for multiple days?

For example, I know Punjab national Bank would fall for few days so I could make money everyday in spot market by shorting out.
But, how do I carry forward my short to next day or take short position for multiple days?

Use futures But on your own risk.

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First of all the word is SCRIP and not SCRIPT.
Second never short for multiple days if you are novice, clearly which you are.
Thirdly, use FnO for multi day shorting.


You can’t, if you try not to square off your short position it will go to auction market ending up in huge losses. Derivative segment is the only place for shorting for positional trades in a scrip

Day is not far when they will ban short selling in derivatives also . hhahahahhahahh :rofl:

Other than FNO , there is no option to carry short positions of stocks ( cash position ) for multiple day’s , I heard that ICICI Direct provides 5 day short position on selective stocks , but i am not sure . There is a chance If SEBI brings back "Badla " system :wink: in a reformed format ,