How to show STCG Gain and Speculative loss together

Hi All,

I am a salaried person with one house property.
I have around Rs 25000/- of STCG Profit and approx Rs 500/- intraday loss(speculative loss) in FY 2017-18.
i am investor and my equity intraday trades are very less.

Which ITR form should I use(ITR-2 and ITR-4) to display both STCG and speculative P&L?

You can file ITR 2

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Thanq @TAXIQ.IN.
Where in which section of ITR-2 I can show the speculative P&L?

In ITR 2 there is no provisions for Speculative Gain / Losses . It need be clubbed along with Capital Gain only if you want to file ITR 2

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