How to square off the stock using Kite platform?

I bought share of a company @ 5.15 per share and was holding it for more than 10 days. Today I sold the shares using Kite platform from holdings using exit option as there is no square off option. I sold them @ 6.45 per share. Now the quantity got debited from the holding and it started showing in positions. And whenever share price went down, my account was showing profit just like in shorting. I want to know whether i accidently shorted the shares or the position remain in my account till T+ 2 days.

How can i square off the shares which i am holding in my Demat account using Kite Platform?

hElLO tRaDeR,

What you have done is correct, provided you have used the CNC option.

The shares sold off from your holdings will be shown as an open position on your ADMIN / POSITION window.

When you check the holdings the QTY will be reduced by the qty sold.