How to start a online trading firm like Zerodha?

How to start an online trading firm like Zerodha, what are the requirements by Sebi and stock exchanges? How much capital do I need, do I really need a lease line or servers in the cloud suffice.
Please share some insights.

Check this

Thanks Bhuvanesh but this post is from 2014, does the capital requirements and other relevant criteria’s same at current date?

Yeah, the same

Thanks Nithin

related question: was just curious about how did you guys manage the starting years of the business considering investments were free and the client base was small, so less brokerage income as well. I mean did you guys infuse your own money into the company afterwards also. and if so, when did the company become self sufficient?

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We started as a 5 member team in like tiny office. We didn’t infuse any money after starting, everything generated from the business itself. Thankfully we were in the green from the first year. We have grown very slowly and organically. I had this talk from a few years back, talks about the beginning bit of the journey, probably has answers to your questions.


@nithin at current time how much of your total revenue is attributable to trading and what is your view about development of capital markets in India in near future.

I am having an great idea, would Zerodha would me interested to work on the same.
It will change the economy in India and the entire world will flow us…

Sure. You can write to [email protected].

Are you from Zerodha? please PM

Hello Bhuvan can you help me regarding ipo application ?