How to stream realtime quotes using PiBridge

Looking at the PiBridge documentation, I see that its all about submitting orders and getting positions/holdings. Is there a way to stream quotes tick-by-tick into python ?

Zerodha cannot provide quotes to another platform as they are a broker and by regulation they cannot do it. If you need tick by tick quotes you have to choose a data vendor. It can be quite costly in some cases.

How about Kite API ? Dosent it provide real time quotes ? If not tick-by-tick, what is the frequency ?

I don’t really know about kite API but one thing for sure zerodha cannot provide data in another charting platform. it is a limitation of brokers in India

Okay - lets wait for someone who knows about Kite API to respond.

Dude my point is even with kite API they cannot provide tick by tick data. That’s the regulation limiting them. They can only give EOD data.

@abhra & @abbanerjee

Kite Connect API Provides real-time data through web-sockets.
It also provides historical data in multiple time frame etc 1min, 5min etc.

If you are a python programmer, then you can easily get real-time quotes using Kite API.

You may refer this Blog and this Discussion for more details.


How about PiBridge ? Would that also provide real-time data ?

@HowUTrade: Can you please clarify if real time also means tick by tick in this case ?

PiBridge is meant for Order Execution only and you will not get real time data.

With Kite API, you will get real-time data and we may call it as tick by tick data from retail traders perspective. Means,you will get whatever the price you are seeing in the terminal.


Thanks @HowUTrade