How to survive in a volatile market

Volatile markets generally characterized by high price fluctuations. During market volatility, many investors get shocked and begin to raise the question on their current investment strategies. The main thing to consider is that market volatility is unpredictable. It is basically the nature of the markets to fluctuate in the short period of time. It is extremely difficult to manage sudden changes in the market, an investor can take suggestions from market expert to deal with this situations. Also, one can refer trading tips like stock tips, commodity tips to save their gain.

One way to deal with volatility is to avoid or to manage it properly that means staying in the same position and not paying too much attention to the short-term ups and downs.

Quite True, but easier said than done.

There are certain aspects of human emotions that takes many years to discipline.
And some emotions may not be disciplined at all.

There is a saying " A persons heart is where is money is"

If its your own money involved, you will keep checking its security almost everyday .

yes @portfolioplus911 that’s true,Any suggestions how we can improve in this aspect.Like keep ignoring the outside sentiments and focusing on our investments.Sometimes when bad things are going around we think that our choice to invest in equities is bad.need to overcome that…

Some emotions can be disciplined only with time, unless you have too much money coming in as Monthly FD interest and don’t really care what your investments are doing.

“There are certain aspects of human emotions that takes many years to discipline.
And some emotions may not be disciplined at all.” quoted from vijay14

This is what a trader with 20 years of experience shared with me and still making that daily effort to tame his own emotions that get between him and his trades.

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Yes true, If we a person is investing his money in the market, obviously he is worried investment results. Every investor set a profit goal before purchasing any stock and when the market situation goes wrong, he feels negative about the profit. Best way to deal with that just try to keep calm in bad market situations. Don’t trust easily on anyone.

In day trading a trader holds their position for one day only, means he buys and sells the position on the same day. In short-term trading, a trader holds his position from one day to few weeks while in long-term trading the holding period will be more than a year. Share market tends to change day by day, if a trader does not prepare himself then he might face huge losses. There are many leading research centres or advisory firms providing useful information, This information is useful for the traders who want genuine share trading tips to get better investment results. In commodities, they also have different packages just like gold and silver tips, mcx tips and many. An investor can choose according to his choice.

Volatile stocks are good, from an intraday fan’s point of view… Wait… Wait and buy at the right time and sale short