How to take profits of Intraday Trading on CNC shares

Once we sell and the price goes down, it shows profits… should we EXIT or ADD back the shares to get the profits. Or should we not ADD it back on the same day. Please clarify.

If you sell your stock holdings, the position page would show profit if the stock price goes below your selling price. The reason we show a P&L here is because there are many traders who do this as an intraday strategy, sell the shares, use the money to trade something and buy it back by end of the day. They need to see a P&L for this.

In your case, if you sell the shares and it comes down and you think it has come down low enough to buy, then maybe you can buy it back. The profits of this trade will be considered as an intraday trade.


EXIT is the answer
Data gets populated automatically.

But plz check before submitting request.