How to track the interest on SDL/Gsec credited to your account

I have invested in nearly 15-20 Bonds (SDL and Gsec) which matures different years for my retirement requirements thru Zerodha Coin. Can someone guide me how to track whether I have received the interest of the SDL or Gsec and confirm that I am not missing anything. I have tried to check it thru my bank statement but though I am receiving the interest I cant figure out which is which because in the bank statement its not clear for which SDL/Gsec the interest is credited.

Somebody with experience, please guide me how to track and verify that the interest is credited to the account.

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You can check the email from [email protected] whenever the interest proceeds are triggered from CDSL, the email is sent from the bank email id with this email id in CC, so you will be able to track all the interest payments that have been credited to date to your bank account as gsec interest.


Thanks for the response Neelesh. I haven’t received a single email regarding the interest payment from [email protected] so far. I have checked spam also and I dont think I will miss any email. So how can I get the email notificaion from for each interest they pays. please guide if anyone knows.

We’ll figure this. SDLs are a pain because the interest payment dates aren’t also fully public. Btw, can you check you bank statement once?

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Thank you for the response Bhuvan. In the bankstatement the details are not clear; These are the details provided in the bank statement;

Ref Num: CMS3895608703

Here there is no such specific information against which SDL this interest is paid. I have more investments in SDL than G-Secs, so I am more concerened about the SDLs interest tracking.

Please advise


For your better understanding its will credit like central depositry services

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Yes exactly, here also there is no clarity against which SDL/bond the interest is credited into the account. This way the investor can never know whether he is really getting the interest for the SDLs or not. !!!

@SH1 you can track manually in google sheet

i am tracking manually through the help of google sheet

you can see the rounded column - exactly what date i will get those amount ,

gsec will be credit every half yearly - every month i will get credit those amount exactly on that date

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We are checking with the DP and exchange for the official email id that has been changed in the recent pst. Will update here shortly for better clarity.


Thank you Trade for your response.
I have tried similar excel sheet but since I have investments in nearly 25-30 SDLs its became difficult to track it fully. I chose these SDLs which expires on different years as per my requirement for the funds later thats why it became many SDLs.

Now, can you please explain me the right way how to find the exact date of interest payment of each SDLs. Does the interest payment date comes after 6 months from date of issue (bought it thru Zerodha Coin).

Its very simple , no confusion

see the first SDL in above screen shot

its ANDHRAPRADESH 7.42% - ok Its Maturity date is 14-Sep 2031
so the intrest payement will be -14 SEP and 14 MAR

Check the maturity date - the intrest payment will be on particular date and month on every year and calculate the next six month on same date


Thank You Trade. That helps.

In future, I hope CDSL will give some reference to the SDL/G-sec against which they are paying the interest !!!

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Thank you Neelesh. That will help a lot.