How to trade bse weekly sensex option with zerodha

Kindly let us know how ro trade the bse weekly sensex f&o with zerodha?
What is lot size and margin?

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We will start allowing to trade with us in couple of weeks time, this need couple of changes from our end which we are doing. Will update all our clients once we start allowing to trade in sensex futures/options through us.


Thanks for your response
We are waiting for it

Please update on this thread when it becomes possible to trade the BSE weekly futures and options.
Please do mention the symbol keyword we need to search for on Kite.

Will do.

Any update , It has been sometime.

Will take more time.

Any progress in this?

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How is the volume value liquidity turnover in the bse weekly f&o contracts ?

Very bad, almost zero, we have no plans to allow this in near time.