How to trade BTST/STBT?

as far i know buying today and selling tomorrow and vise versa,but we need to square off in next day opening itself or wait watch price movement,if suppose gap against position what to do.and whats the mechanism in BTST/STBT.need some insightful answers…

BTST is like normal buying and selling in intraday, except you sell it anytime next day, may be in the opening or in the closing, it doesnt matter. You cannot do STBT. (unless you have the stocks in your demat, before you sell first)

I mostly do BTST. My suggestion if you are into it is to always buy on CNC. The benefits if you sell same day would be, that eventhough you bought and sold same day by selecting CNC , the trade will be only considered intraday(this is within the scope of BTST simply because you selected CNC, to sell tomorrow but the price was ripe enough to sell today itself)

If you sell day 2 or 3 then the issue is that the STT goes up through the roof thereby forcing you to book your profit only when the price moves higher because you have to figure in the STT that gets added on.

What i generally do in BTST is open the zerodha calculator-buy on CNC - check buy and sell price on intraday-as much as possible i try to sell on intraday.If i cannot ,then mostly the next day(because of they STT). Most of the action happens in the market opening and closing period. Thats when I usually buy and sell.

Nitin has written an aricle on BTST. You can go through it. I dont know if I made myself clear above. Hope that helps

i have shares in demat but still cannot do STBT, when sell shares it just goes of the holdings and T1 day i cannot see these positions

Except Futures and options there is no option for STBT, only option is day trading, sell the stock on day high and buy on day low of your favorite stock

BTST is stand for buy today sell tomorrow, This is a facility offered by most of the stock brokers where you can buy stock today and sell it tomorrow before you get the delivery of the shares while STBT is stand for Sell today and buy tomorrow , IN STBT call intraday trader have to carry forward short sell position in f&0 segment for next trading day. In both trading types, most of the financial expert advise to intraday traders to not to trade without using a stop loss and follow the decided stop loss at buying for selling time very strictly and don’t change it. For better results a trader can refer stock tips, commodity tips, BTST advises from leading experienced advisors.

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