How to trade from office?


I will be joining a new office,no not pc provided but cannot install any other applications.

Come on dude, mobile is not allowed, what office are you joining?

You can use the web platform, which does not need any installation. But I suggest you to use mobile platform, which is less risky.

If your office people catch u while trading in office computer, most probably they would sack you. So just be careful.

NESTweb is the easy and best one if you want to use in office. Some features like BO, cover order modification is not available in that.

Using Z5 in office is not good. You could be caught (red) handed.

how to access net web?is there any charges?

nestweb is the default application what you see when is opened in a web browser.
help file here. if you read this you can understand.

got it bro.much thanx for your time enlighting blocked for security reasons is coming in my laptop,which browser is good for web trading?and is zerodha developing anything for ppl like me to trade in office in web?

if possible set the security level to moderate in control panel firewall.
I use firefox and chrome, both work good.
I use IE for old backoffice and for q website i use chrome.
I dont think zerodha is working on any more web platforms. Z5 is what they offer at recent.