How to trade Gold option in Zerodha?


Today MCX is introducing Gold option contract in India. Could someone let me know:

How can we trade Gold option contract in Zerodha?
What will be margin required & lot size?
How to add Gold option contract in Kite/Pi?

We have shared the below on our bulletin

MCX has introduced gold option contracts that start trading today October 17th, 2017. We will be testing MCX options on our trading platforms. Once these tests are complete and margins/leverages are ascertained, these contracts will be made available for trading. Since this is a new product type at MCX which can potentially lead to compulsory physical delivery of the underlying, and is different from the cash settled options on NSE, we believe that it would be prudent to check all possible scenarios that may arise while you trade these options before going live. We are planning to be live by next week.
Make sure to have your trading accounts enabled for Gold options trading by clicking on the consent form here:

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