How to transfer shares from ICICI demat account to Zerodha Demat account?

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Please help me to get answer to the below questions...

Q.1. What are the steps to be followed in order to transfer existing shares from ICICI Demat to Zerodha Demat (currently linked with IL&FS) account.

Please note that I am an old member of Zerodha and having demat account owned by IL&FS and not directly by Zerodha (started recently)

Q.2. Also, what are the charges associated with this process?

Q.3. Also, will it better if I get my ILFS demat account into Zerodha demat account first and then transfer the shares directly to Zerodha owned demat


First transfer the shares from ICICI demat to ILFS demat and then change the ILFS demat into Zeordha demat.

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Hi Magnesh,

1. and sample for ICICI

​2. Charges are generally 0.02-0.05% or 20-50 Rs. based on broker

3. Ideally Zerodha should internally manage to move from ILFS to Zerodha demat account

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Thank you for answering the query, this helps!