How to Trigger a BUY/SELL Order with 5 paisa buffer

Hello @Krishnendu, @Streak,

I am not sure whether this is possible. But I wish to place BUY/ SELL order with 5 paisa buffer.
Meaning, Let’s e.g. SBIN’s 193.35.

So I would like to place a SELL SL type Order @9: 15 AM @192.85.

Is this at all possible in Streak?

As always, thanks for your extensive support.

This depends upon the condition that you want to create. If the trigger is on the basis on an indicator it is currently not possible to add buffer in the condition. But you can change the limit price when place the order. Can you share the entry condition? If you don’t wish to share it here, you can write to support with the details. They will certainly help you.


It’s Plain and simple.
Let’s e.g. SBIN’s close price for yesterday was: 193.35.
So I would like to place a SELL SL type Order today at 9:15 AM at the price 193.30. OR want Streak to execute the order exactly 193.30.

Is this possible?

You mean to say the price would change Yesterday’s price minus 5 basis point. You do not want to wait for that 5 basis point to actually hit before placing the order?

If it hits the point, the price eventually moves down a lot. So basically I don’t want the streak to follow its usual rule- “Lower Than” OR “Crosses Below”.
I can easily trade using those 2 conditions, but I personally traded and found to be not fruitful as I am getting a much lower price compared to yesterday’s low, which is not acceptable.

Hence, I want the exact price. It’s like placing an auto-trading on that price without me placing it :slight_smile:

Well, then you should place the order manually in kite since you already know the price at which you want to trade. Otherwise, I would have suggested something like “Close higher than Prev N (Close, -1, Day) + 0.05”.