How to turn from a individual trader to a trading/investing entity?

trading as a individual,as time progresses one would like to progress as a corporate entity to get better status.what is the procedure to become such company.example as a individual we provide PAN,KYC etc and fund the account…for entities what are the requirements and do they have much higher maximum trading limits ?such as individual is only able to place 200 lots NF/order so do entity get bigger Max limits?are the margins same as individuals?

thanks in adavnce.

You can either trade as an individual, a partnership or a corporate (either pvt ltd or public ltd). But changing your entity from individual to partnership/corporate won’t give you any additional privileges. Everything remains the same, so don’t think it makes sense to change.

The extra perks you are talking about will come by only if your trading account size increases considerably. The 200 lots rule remains though, but there are brokerages who might give you higher intraday leverages and bend certain rules if your trading account is very big.