How to understand MF charges and how to sell fractional units of mutual funds

For a trial purchase …I purchased HDFC money market for only 100 Rs. at nav of Rs. 4966.2931
so I see 0.02 unit …cost value shows 100 Rs. but value shows 99.33 Rs.
I understand there is stamp duty but I think stamp duty is is not more than 0.05 Rs. (5 paise) than what happened to rest like 60 paise?

Also for another scheme I got fractional units for example 17.022 - so what about those 0.22 unit?
how do I redeem ?

Hy @curiousvi

There are no charges as such. There shall be slight variation in decimal value due to rounding off of the decimal values. If you find any discrepancies it you can recheck for the allotted NAV through coin.

When you divide the investment amount by the NAV of allotment date, you will realize the value goes up till 12/13 decimal places. Now, the AMCs will always round off and credit the units up till 4 decimal places and the same is visible in your portfolio on COIN. Now, the invested amount on COIN is the result of the multiplication of the NAV * Quantity allotted. This leads to the value being shown as few decimal places lesser or more than the invest amount.
For example, if you had placed an order to invest Rs 5000 , NAV is 15.61 then you should actually receive an allotment of 320.3074951953876 units. But, the AMC will allot 320.3074 units. The result of 15.61 * 320.3074 = Rs 4999.99

You can can redeem the fractional unit.

So if I choose all units …it will include fractional unit as well correct?


Yupp !!