How to update nominee for sovereign gold bond subscribed through Zerodha?


I subscribed to SGB through Zerodha. In the issuance certificate, the nominee field is blank.
I haven’t updated the nominee for my Zerodha account. If I update the nominee for Zerodha, SGB also will get the same nominee? Or any other process for the same?

The units are held in your demat account, if you appoint a nominee to your demat account that meets the requirement.

SGB’s are held in your Demat account, if you update the nominee for your Zerodha demat account, the same will apply for SGB, you don’t have to do anything else.

The process to add nominee has been explained here.

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Hello @ShubhS9, is it mandatory to attach any identify proof of the the nominee with the Nominee Application Form. Or just fill the fill the application form and send it to Zerodha office?

One more thing, Is Details of Witness mandatory?

You’ll just have to fill-up the form and send it.

Yes, you’ll have to add details of witnesses, this can be anyone from your family or friends.

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Thanks for the information.