How to use ATR and ATR Trailing Stop Loss

Hi team,

Please give example for a strategy using both ATR and ATR Trailing Stop Loss.

Hello @arjun08

You can refer to the below links for example purposes to learn about the two indicators:

5th Point in this blog for ATR trailing Stoploss: Methods to Implement Exit Conditions - Streak Tech
1st point in this blog ATR indicator: 3 Important Volatility Indicators - Streak Tech

You can also refer to an example strategy here: Streak | World's first algo trading platform without coding

The strategy will generate an entry alert when the ATR is rising in the previous 5 candles(indicating an increase in volatility). Moreover, we have kept high SL and TP values so that an exit is only generated when the Close crosses below the ATR Trailing Stoploss.

Kindly note the information provided is solely for educational purposes to help the user understand the platform and does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell, or otherwise deal in investments.

If you have any more queries you can ask here and I’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us at [email protected]