How to use Kite and PI simultaneously

KITE for charts. PI for placing quick order on same PC.

Not possible legally and not allowed by Zerodha due to exchange regulations.

However you can use different charting software like AMIBROKER. Or Develop your own trading system using Kite Connect API. Then you can use kite simultaneously with your trading system.

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You may have your own reason, but I am not sure why you would want to do that. I personally find it better on PI because I can arrange chart and order/admin window in same frame allowing me better control over order placements and cancellations. It is also quicker than kite. You can set quantity from user settings (Market Orders) and just press F1 Or F2 and then press"ENTER" to buy or sell at the price you want to and monitor MTM in admin window, below chart, and book profit anytime you want.

This user setting option will allow you to set quantity and order type (MIS/NRML) of order form and all you got to do is press F1/F2 and ENTER. If you want to keep your order form open and change price up or down, you can do that too. In user setting, set focus on price. When order form is open, use up or down arrow key to increase or decrease the price and press ENTER and your order will be placed for execution.

If you decide to cancel your order, you can one click on cancel button, if you placed your order window below chart, without need to navigate to different tabs.

You can bring order/admin window below chart by pressing left click of the mouse on order/admin tab and dragging it down. You will see a window icon which you can use to decide, where you want your order/admin window to be.

Earlier, I tried using to do what you want to do because of charting tool differences between kite/pi but found the above option more useful. You will be logged out of kite/pi the moment you try to login to kite/pi again (whichever you logged in first). Doing this is of no use.

Or you can open a second account in your relative (wife/brother/father etc.) name and use their login to run both (kite/pi) simultaneously by using different logins.

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Thank you sbpat and Haribabu. Let me try PI.