How to use Max Allocation Parameters

Can i use Max Allocation Parameters For CE And PE

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​You can select the Max allocation for the strategy through the Backtest parameters as per your requirement while creating the strategy. Refer to the below images with the instruction to select the Max allocation feature for your Strategy :
For Multi-page mode of Strategy creation:

For Single-page mode of Strategy creation:

Once you click on the pencil icon a pop-up with the backtest parameters will open, you can then follow the below instruction:

You can select the desired Max allocation for the strategy using the above instruction and the same will be applied separately to the selected contract (CE and PE both) in the strategy. Thus for example, if you select the Max allocation of 10,000 then this allocation will be applied to CE and PE separately i.e. 10,000 for CE and 10,000 for PE.

In case you want to select the quantity based on the max allocation then you can use the Capital based position sizing of Streak (available in the backtest parameters itself). You can refer to the below link to learn about the capital-based position sizing in Streak-

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