How to use signal candle inside symbol option in streak ?

Hi folks ,

I am new to streak and wanted to know how can I use signal candle inside the symbol option . for example I am trading a NIFTY CE and I want to set stop loss on candle previous to signal candle

Thanks in advance !

@Streak can you help us out with this query?

The Signal candle - Is defined as the candle matching your entry conditions. Your entry trigger happens after the close of this candle. The function is available on the exit conditions page only, and you can use the OHLC of these candles to create your exit conditions. You can refer to the below link to learn more about this-

Signal candle function can not be used inside the symbol function currently and you can only access the OHLC of the instrument that you have entered the trade-in. Signal candle inside the symbol function is something that is in our roadmap already and this will be released in future updates.

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