How to verify the CTB backtest results of Streak?

Hello @Streak

I have tried CTB feature but can anyone help me understand how to verify the same?? because in the report generated by you guys, I have an entry at the market open 9:15. On what basis is the buy price getting selected.

For example, in the image bellow that i have attached, on 2nd December 2021 the buy price is 223.25. but how is that price getting selected???

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hello @Rama_Prasad_Shah

Kindly note that the time stamp displayed in the Backtest report is not the entry time but the open time of the candle matching your conditions. So if you are running the strategy on a 15mins base timeframe, and if the time stamp displayed is 9:15, then the entry will happen after the close of this candle i.e, entry at open of the 9:30 candle. You can cross-check the same, the entry price will be the open of 9:30 candle.

To learn about the same in details, refer to the link below:

Do refer to Streak Manual for a structured explanation of our platform. Also, refer to our List of webinars page for creating strategies and scanners in a step-by-step manner, refer to the links provided below:
Manual -
Webinar List - English - Streak Help

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hi @Hitesh_Streak

thanks for the detailed response.

much appreciated.