How to view historical charts of an expired Bank Nifty Weekly Option contract?

Hi All,
I’m new to F&O trading and came across an YouTuber who posted the following video claiming an exorbitant trade (of 25lakhs in 1hr) on a relatively flat day of Bank Nifty on 10 Sep '20. Link is below:

His claim of him buying 526 lots of Bank Nifty 22500 PE @43.82/- and then closing all 526 lots at 223/- per lot seems a bit like gambling, to say the least. Theoretically, it is a possible trade using Historical trade data on NSE (O: 200; H:290.00 ; L:21.65 ; C:49.50).

To put it short:

  1. Is there a way I can check the chart of the expired option i.e 22500 PE - 10 Sep '20?
  2. Is trade like this possible? Are F&O trade like this an exception or a norm? Cause he makes it sound so easy to his 17.1lakh subscribers saying all we need is common sense (which I highly doubt)?

Any help/direction to a newbie trader is highly appreciated. Thanks,

He did a live today (12-09-2020) at 4 pm . In that he showed the proof for his trade and also histoirical data from NSE website . If you are watching his videos probably you know Telugu , so you can easily understand . If you got this video in random then still you can watch because he will show step by step how to see historical data…

In his live video showing the historical data of the trade he took starts at 12:20 watch it …
If still you are not understanding what he is doing, use this link
After using the link fill the following details to get historical data for the trade he took
instrument : index options
symbol : BANKNIFTY
year : 2020
expiry : 10-09-2020
type : PE
strike : 22500
select past one day or select any specific dates you want
and you can see historical data of the trade he took.

i need chart for that