How to watch candle wise OHLC in ChartIQ in Zerodha

I dont see candle OHLC in ChartIQ. Is it not there, or does it need some indicator to invoke that. Tradingview charts have it by default

You can enable the OHLC value by clicking the Info ( :speech_balloon: ) symbol present on the top right corner of the ChartIQ chart. There are two ways the OHLC values can be shown on the charts. I have demonstrated that via the animated GIF below -


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@Prayag Thanks a tonne. I was strugling to find this for many days. One more similar query i have is about Authorizations. Sometimes on my holding page i see the link to Authorizations (CDSL authorizations) while sometimes I do not. Does it mean that there are no stocks pending for Authorization when I do not see the Authorization link.

Sometimes even immediately after authorizing it still shows the Authorizations link while sometimes it does not. I am confused with the logic Zerodha uses behind showing or hiding the AUthorizations link.

Is there a way I can i do away with authorizing every ticker after buying and trust the GTT tickers will trigger irrespetive of me authorizing it or not?

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It is possible to submit a POA to avoid needing to authorize holdings on a daily basis. This support page explains about that.

Regarding the Authorization issue, I am not completely aware about it myself. I will try to find why it happens and get back

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