How to write slope on moving average in streak

can you provide some ways to write slope function on moving average in streak.

Hi @Bharat_Jain

You can easily create the conditions shared by you in the snapshot. Please find the below image for the same:

There are other ways to find rising/falling (slope) moving averages. But do note that you can’t get the exact slope/angle of a MA as it can change based on how you zoom in/out on the chart and how you change the Y-axis.

However, you can create rising/falling conditions using math functions.

For example, Period Min (10, SMA(20,close,0) - SMA(20,close,-1) ) higher than 0

The above example will ensure that for the last 10 candles the slope has been rising. Refer to this link to know more Create (Advanced) - Streak Help

Hope this helps.

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