How UPI payment is implemented in Kite android app?

Hi @nithin
When adding funds via UPI, how Kite opens a popup of installed UPI enabled apps and asks to choose from them to complete payment? Same happens with Coin app too.

Can you share full URI/URL used in app? Does any licence required to do so?

Ankit Shah

Hey @Ankit_Shah

Kite and Coin app uses the UPI intent flow through which you get the option to choose among the UPI apps installed on your phone to add money to your trading account.

With regards to your question, you can refer this document from NPCI and this page on NPCI.


That is what I was seeking @Kshiteesh_Saralaya
Thanks :smiley: That feature really good @nithin

Will Zerodha implement latest UPI v2.0?

Because UPI 2.0 has E-Mandate feature it would be very helpful in case of buying SIPs in Coin app without maintaining fund balance before SIP date.
(Presently NEFT standing instruction is available to do so, but it is chargeable at bank end & UPI is free)