How was your experience trading futures and options?

How was your experience trading futures and options ?
Were you successful ?
How did you feel trading options / futures ?
was it more stressful ?
Were you profitable ?
How was your overall experience ?
@Riyas_Ahamed and other experienced derivative traders, let me know your views on derivative markets.

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My dear , I was worked in Dubai investment company , i learn lot of things from there , i started capital 10 lakhs in 2014 . i trade only option as seller , i never touch future equity intraday , but i love to invest , how i am building my portfolio is little bit interesting , you want to know about that i have one YouTube channel . i clearly explain how i am building a portfolio you can check first

i love trading , i am a full time option trader , now my trading capital grown from 10 lakhs from 1.12 crore , now my overall my trading and portfolio earning per year is 35 % from trading 15% from investment , i keep low my investment growth is 15% overall 35+15 = 50% , plus i have a dividend income that’s not included its i keep for my family running dividend income is 3 lakhs per year

every year i make 50% profit
12 years of experience in option trading
i am successful in option trading (conservative option trader)
profit and loss is determine only on your psychology level - not on strategy


@Riyas_Ahamed That’s great and inspirational.
Have you posted how you plan your entries in Options. Have you explained it anywhere ?
Like why you enter this option, this strike, etc. I’m asking the logic behind the reason or the analysis / research that you do before entry/exit.

i am posting one video today you can learn it , may be its usefull for you

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apart from that i create some good video how you can be safe in your life through investment

Ok thanks. Will watch it.

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Was trading in options stressful for you ?

yes , 100% i am living through option only , i am a successful in this option seller career

@Riyas_Ahamed , I cannot see any new video in your youtube channel