How & Where to apply NEST Plus API for AlgoTrading?


I have my demat and trading account is with other than Zerodha and I use NEST Trader platform. Now I’d like to move for AlgoTrading. So, I’d like to know to whom can I apply for my Nest Plus API for AlgoTrading and How much time it takes for the processing of the same??

Hi  Bishnuwithu,,

First of all..I Welcome U to This Forum..

Earlier U can Subscribe to Plus Trading Plugin directly through

But That Option is Not Available Now...U have to send Ur request only to Ur Broker for Subscribing Plus

Trading Plugin..They will get this for U from Omneys...Here is the Fee Structure..

Plus API :
Monthly: Rs. 295.00
Quarterly: Rs. 706.00
Semi Annual:Rs 1296.00
Annual:Rs 2121.00​

and For Firing Orders from Amibroker to Nest Trader U need Code aka Nest Plus API..Which U can get it from this forum itself..Further if U require any thing .. U may get help from this forum..

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Can you help in all this ?