How will i get paid for lending stocks?

i have enabled stock lending and borrowing in zerodha. and i think zerodha have lent my shares to someone. my question is how will i get paid? in dmat or in bank account? is there quarterly settlement? how zerodha decides how much will they pay me?



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When your shares are lent in SLB, the lending fee will be credited to your trading account in ZERODHA on the same day as the shares are moved out of your demat account to the Exchange as early payin. It is done on screen in NSE and the complete details are given in the trade confirmation memo, mailed to you on the same day. The amount credited would be the lending price less zerodha fee and 18% IGST on the lending fee.

is there any way to check this lending fee on console? i can’t find the email.

Sir if you had not got your trade confirmation report then the trade has not happened. You can check in your ledger

How to enable slb facility in zerodha?


Zerodha offers Securities Lending and Borrowing (SLB) through the offline route. If you wish to enable SLB for your account or if you need any additional information, you can create a ticket .

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Then what do these green qty indicates?

Thanks for answering.

Shares which have been in your demat account for more than one year, also known as “long-term” shares. Selling them will result in long-term capital loss/gain.

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How Good is SLB? I mean any good returns or bad ? any idea

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Hy @raoawesome

You can know basics of SLB on this link.

Not an expert but i guess 2-6 pcnt. It would also depend on scrip and market conditions too.

@K_N_Venkatagiri_Udup your views on this please :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: