How's your portfolio doing? - August 2023

Nifty has dipped slightly from its highs. While select pockets in mid and small caps are still doing very well.

What has been your approach towards allocation towards direct stocks?

How is your portfolio doing?

    • 1 - 10%
  • Minus 1-10%
  • -20% and above
  • +20 % and above (specify the number)

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Are there any learnings or lessons you can share from your experience in this recent bull run and how are approaching this going forward?

The only thing left is not cutting losses early or at predefined stop loss target.
Would request you to please offer ROBO kind of order, where trades will get executed automatically, Angle one is offering the same and I’m quite impressed with the result while placing Robo order.
I really do not know why but I do not like streak due to difficulty, nor I’m from IT background to understand algos, I have zero knowledge in coding, would love to learn in future but in the meanwhile requesting for simple ROBO type kind of order for FNO.
Zerodha & platform are very nice to me but still requesting for another enhancement.

Thank you