HUF account with zerodha

Does anyone have HUF demat & trading Account with zerodha?
i have individual account in zerodha How is it different from individual account?
mutual fund, bonds, sgb buying redeeming process same as individual?
which facility/ features not available for HUF?
how many days to open HUF account?

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Hi @IndianTrader1, all the processes like buying or selling shares and mutual funds remain the same as individual accounts. You can also invest in bonds and SGBs.

Once we get the documents, the account will be opened in 72 hours. You can check the documents required and the application process here: What documents are required to open a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) account at Zerodha?

thank you for responding.
buy & redeem process for mutual fund, govt bonds, SGB in HUF is same as individual a/c? what are the charges for these? is there autopay e-mandate feature for HUF
can we buy or sell stocks in pre open for HUF?