Huge Exchange Transaction Charges Levied

Hi guys,
Today I sold two straddles in both indexes. Covered them during EOD.
I was going through the contract note and turns out I’ve been charged big by the exchange for some reason.

I’ve attached the contract note. If anyone knows what’s going on or how I should deal with this, please let me know. @nithin

UPDATE : The issue was fixed around 1130AM IST 2nd Jan, posting the new ledger below.

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it shouldn’t be this much for trades i see for image you have uploaded… maybe raise this issue with your broker… which one?

Which broker did you trade with?

I’m using AliceBlue for these trades.

Alice Blue

@nithin these all incidents happened from another broker, but can you please shed some light on what could be the reason?

Input these trades into Alice Blue’s brokerage calculator and check if it is tallying with the contract note .Better contact the customer care of Alice Blue if you find discrepancy. Posting in tradingqna will not help you much

Actually posting here about such issues have always helped me plenty. It’s always found me people with similar issues and learn from them how to tackle these issues and so on, thanks for your input, nonetheless.

I have sent mails to them. Let’s wait and see.


NSE increased their transaction charges by around 5 to 10% on Friday. Check the new charges here

But it can’t be as much as what is shown on your contract note. I am guessing they must have messed up when incorporating the change. Maybe complain to them, they should fix it.


They did 5 mins back. All is good now. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Now its corrected and working fine, thanks nithin for the response.

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I trust Zerodha @nithin and didn’t checked my Contract Notes so thoroughly. But now it seems like I have to check my past contracts also. :wink:

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