This is laughable.

Why are you people crying.

Zerodha is doing its best to control the risk in their business.

Just where do you think that money from MARGIN comes from?

LOL if other brokers want to take such risky exposure , you can always trade with them instead of crying here.

We are not crying. I am happy with Zerodha and like it a lot. Just raised a query if they can check this thing out. Why I use Zerodha, because I trust it. And also trust the replies and action taken by the team when we write to them.
So, hope that someone from the team sorts this out. Thanks,


dude … F&O margins are not fixed by the brokers… and do check the latest margin

i can see the same 1.13L margin with other brokers as well … ex:- 5paisa

and before making any stupid claims here , you shld note that andhra bank is in F&O ban …

I m not making any stupid claims here. infact i m not making any claims.

What is your point?

Dude… My post is to OP and not to you …
And here his/her rant is based on false assumptions

Can check this.

Also Andhra bank is under ban thus more margin as specified by exchanges are charged. On a lighter note ,I hope next time you can double check before making any accusation.

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Thank you Siva for sharing the details. I was not aware of it. Apologies for making any claims.

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Cheers, it’s ok, just passing you required info.

I checked again now and found that all major brokers are charging half the margin than Zerodha, even in Ban period. So, I am not happy with this changes. The exchange also seems to not made this double… So, my stand remains the same like yesterday.

So now guess who needs to double check…

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I agree with you my friend now. What to do! Hope someone in Zerodha really takes care of these things as this is very scary for retail investors.

Someone in zerodha really takes care…??lol. R u kidding…all they take care of is justifying their own negligence…

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Man, feeling disappointed as no official is replying since 2 days. I request the team at Zerodha to please reply regarding the situation. Thanks.

Thank for supporting Mr.Bless.
I found that margin got further increased from 118000 to 13700 for 1 lot. What’s going on here?
I am not talking out of the blue. I am only talking after checking other brokers with whom I have an account with.

Zerodha Team, please get back to us:

Andhrabank Futures 1 lot margin comparison:

Zerodha: Rs.1,37,000
FinvAsia: Rs.37,975 (also there is 0 brokerage). I have account with them since few years.
Upstox: Rs.76,150 (I have account with them also since a long time - same brokerage like Zerodha)
Fyers: Rs.1,13,000 (same brokerage like Zerodha)

My dear Zerodha, please comment.


Again Margin requirement has risen to 1,40,000.
Why in 2 days the cost of 1 lot margin requirements rose from 79000 to 1,40,000 ?

Thank you my friend for sharing this.
I am not disagreeing with you. I am comparing with finvasia, upstox, fyers.
Samco must be charging huge but they are not famous like Zerodha. Zerodha has max customers in terms of discount brokers. I am comparing with most famous discount brokers.

and as Zerodha is very famous, they should be able to match the margin of other brokers who are also almost equally famous. They are charging much less.

unless you trade , you dont really know how much margin they charge…
samco shows yesterdays margin and todays margin…

as i said earlier for positional trades , brokers are not setting the margins .