1 day back your Andhrabank margin was about 64000 for 1 lot. Today to my surprise you have increased the margin requirement to 1,18,000.

This is not good. Please revert back.

I found that all other brokers like Upstox, Finvasia, Fyers, etc. all have the margin for 1 lot of about 59000 irrespective of yesterday’s volatility.

Upstox, Fyers, Finvasia margin requirements for carry forward Andhra Bank 1 lot is: Rs.59225
Zerodha was 64000 till yesterday, today Zerodha increased to: Rs.1,18,000

I request you to please look into the matter and be par with other broker margin settings.

Thank you.

Angel Kaushish

On NSE’s margin requirements page:

Andhrabank 1 lot margin requirement for carry forward is about 64000.

So, all other brokers cost matches the NSE. Why Zerodha doubled it to 1,18,000 when NSE and other brokers itself is half than yours?

Please look into the matter and kindly update.

Thank you.


Isn’t that Equity Margin calculator?

Yes, it is. I could not find Futures calculator. But I was comparing other brokers futures calculators and found this. The margin got increased by 100% in 1 day. I am sure Zerodha has a reason and will get back to us. Maybe they decrease in a day back to normal again…

These days …team zerodha seems to be a bit arrogant and they have started looting customers,I should say…

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Hahahaha. They are good people. hahahaha. I am just worried that this kind of sudden increase in margin can lead the person’s account wiped out if he is not aware… This is very dangerous.

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Well not anymore I guess…today morning and yesterday a lot of people lost money trading with them due to technical glitches in their platform and they are not addressing this issue at all…they do is hang up our calls when contacted

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My friend, I just wish that these issues get addressed as this is not right and is dangerous.
This is important for them to address the concerns of the customers, else people can flock to other brokers who are also trustworthy in the business for long time.
Zerodha, please look into the matter. Thanks,. I am sure Zerodha will take a correct action.

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Very true…

One more thing, Call and Trade is very bad. Today it took 10 minutes to reach to someone and nobody responsed.

Zerodha, this is also very important to be addressed. Please look into the matter, by maybe increasing employees.

I have tried many times but it is not easy to reach call & trade desk.

Well, I tried calling them to seek help in this matter and after 1hr of waiting an arrogant guy picked up the phone and kept mum when I asked him why this happened…all of a sudden he started shouting and hung up my call…

OMG. In business, the client is always treated like God. Zerodha, please expedite the concerns of your customers. Thanks.

This is laughable.

Why are you people crying.

Zerodha is doing its best to control the risk in their business.

Just where do you think that money from MARGIN comes from?

LOL if other brokers want to take such risky exposure , you can always trade with them instead of crying here.

We are not crying. I am happy with Zerodha and like it a lot. Just raised a query if they can check this thing out. Why I use Zerodha, because I trust it. And also trust the replies and action taken by the team when we write to them.
So, hope that someone from the team sorts this out. Thanks,


dude … F&O margins are not fixed by the brokers… and do check the latest margin

i can see the same 1.13L margin with other brokers as well … ex:- 5paisa

and before making any stupid claims here , you shld note that andhra bank is in F&O ban …

I m not making any stupid claims here. infact i m not making any claims.

What is your point?

Dude… My post is to OP and not to you …
And here his/her rant is based on false assumptions

Can check this.

Also Andhra bank is under ban thus more margin as specified by exchanges are charged. On a lighter note ,I hope next time you can double check before making any accusation.

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Thank you Siva for sharing the details. I was not aware of it. Apologies for making any claims.

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Cheers, it’s ok, just passing you required info.