Who told you that we can’t trade in ban f&o? If you have a position in a stock and it goes in ban, your position stays. You can only squareoff your position. Just squaring off trade is possible. We cannot trade a new position.

I am saying that I have a position in a stock before ban. Then on the ban date, I still maintain my position. But, Zerodha makes the margin from I guess 67000 to 118000. To not get out of funds, I poured money to maintain my oposition. Then another day they raised the margin requirements to 1,45,000.

I again poured money to maintain my Position. I have money and I can keep on adding till they keep on increasing.

Problem is to those people who trade based on the margin details and when 90000+ cost gets increased suddently the next day in the morning before 9:15, they won’t have money to put in the account…

Poof, their position would get square off as the money would fall less than the margin requirements!!!
A great loss for people who have limited money.

I am saying that I have a position in finvasia for the same stock. I am happy not to worry that margins keep on getting changed.

Other point: The gentleman said that we do not change margin requirements. It comes from the exchange. Could you please share us the link for the same?

Please share the link of NSE’s ANDHRABANK FUTURES MARCH margin requirements for CARRY FORWARD.

Same is low with other brokers as I mentioned earlier.

If you are right, I will apologize in this group.

Let me tell you personally, that I love using Zerodha. I feel that when we traders share the details just to make Zerodha more and more great!
I am sure Nithin will appreciate that our criticism is just to make our Zerodha platform better and better.


True that is…the better zerodha gets ,the more money we and nithin make💰 there is no self survival in this game for any broker , at least not for long…

Hi Siva, please call me tomorrow. Once this gets sorted out, I will appreciate and mention in this forum about the issue taken care very nicely. Thanks. skype: angelrishi

Please drop a mail to [email protected].

Siva, I must say that Zerodha customer support is amazing! Never seen any company match this that even at 10:24 pm you are actively replying! Bravo!
I will email you. Please help our situation. Thanks.

Last thing I want to say is that I read again the margin increase details by NSE’s link shared to me by your team:

If you are following this, then maybe your increase of margin might be a right following the rules exactly.

I am just saying that maybe every company has it’s own way to do business - but somehow I find the margin increase really a lot when I compare other brokers. But, if you say that it has to increase as per the circular, then we traders will have to accept it.

It really is appreciable…but team zerodha should really look more into addressing customer crysis during the trading hours when u guys are needed the most.especially in situations like yesterday and daybefore.I can understand it’s difficult to manage such a huge customer base but still u guys need to do something wrt.and we criticise you because we do love your job,afterall

…and please increase your employees for call&trade. It has happened many times that it takes ages to reach an executive. Many times I reach in time, but many times, it takes ages!!!

And please make sure that u don’t have any arrogant pot heads in your team ,like the one I talked to yesterday who really pissed me off…and evoked the outrage in me… because it’s really disappointing to bear arrogance when ur call is connected after 1hr wait and when u loose money not because of you…but I must also add that all my issues were resolved by team zerodha today ,though a bit late and the top management is really polite and humble…

ofcourse we can square off the postion , otherwise how can OI will go down and come out of F&O ban ?
by trading i mean , intraday trades…

google about the recent margin requirement when the stock goes in F&O ban …

that is true for carry over trades … if it is not , you share any proof otherwise …
you said you have position with Finvasia , can you share the margin statement ?**
In my previous post i shared the margins required in 5paisa and samco …

you really dont need to apologize to anyone … nothing wrong in it , and it will clear others doubt as well

i use to trade in anand rathi earlier … they dont allow intraday f&o trades on the stocks which is in f&o ban …

Yes… things are different for different brokers and that’s what brings us choices

but few things should be same across all the brrokers like margins for carry over trades which OP is disagreeing here …

allowing f&o intraday trades in the stocks which is in F&O ban should be consistent across all the brokers …

Yep…true that

My friend, you are amazing! Infact this forum is so active. Everyone is ready to help here. Thanks Zerodha.
Ok, here comes my screenshots below for 1 lot of Andhrabank Futures:

ZERODHA: Rs.1,40,500
(see below for comparison)





i am coding sitting alone at my home and have some free time left to help people like you guys :wink:

your screenshots are not the proof that you have position in so and so broker and their margin requirements are less … few brokers show the stale data as well

if you have position in Finvasia , you can find the actual margin blocked in your margin statement and you can post the screenshot …
or you can find it in your trading terminal as well …

as i said minimum margin blocked by the brokers will be more or less same , if your claim that finvasia blocked less margin is true , then i see there are some big issues with them and nothing else …


i have some positions in bank nifty and my margin used is shown belwo … this is how you can find the actual margin that is blocked



Just now I see that Andhrabank margin increased to 1,63,700.
This is ongoing…

How can we calculate MWPL percentage?

How to calculate MWPL percentage?

I read in detail about this. I have found your information to be correct. Thank you everyone for responding. You guys are amazing!

I just want to say that all is good now as the margin also got reduced. Thanks Zerodha.