HUL - Book Value increased whilst ROCE declined for 2021

Hindustan Unilever - I saw in money control and other websites that for the year ended march 2021, the Book value of HUL has increased to 203 (PY 38.2) and ROCE has declined to 19.01 (PY 87.58).

Any reason for the sudden surge in Book Value of HUL.

Edit; Noticed the equity share capital has increased 8246 to 47,694. The equivalent in Asset is n the form of Goodwill 476 to 45,716. This has resulted in total assets increasing from 20,153 to 68,740.
Seeking experts views.

Edit 2 - Found out the answer as well - As per audited financials.

Return on Net Worth, Return on Capital Employed and Debt Equity ratio have dropped in financial year 2020-21 on account of increase in
shareholders’ equity pursuant to the merger of GSK CH.
There is no significant change (i.e. change of 25% or more as compared to the financial year 2019-20) in the Key Financial Ratios except the ones
mentioned above.

Keeping this topic open for others in case they are interested in the same. (Should have done a serious investigation before posting queries here)

Yes, that’s because HUL acquired GSK consumer business and Vwash during the FY 2021.
That resulted in assets and corresponding book value jumping up.