Hydrogen producing companies in india

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While world is thinking about EV(electric vehicle) which runs on battery, there is undermined technology called FCEV(Fuel cell electric vehicle) which has more advantages in my opinion if technology advancement is done it will help to surpass the current EV domination.
link: https://www.volkswagenag.com/en/news/stories/2019/08/hydrogen-or-battery--that-is-the-question.html
you can go through the above link which will help you understand difference between EV and FCEV.

So my question is: which companies in India are producing hydrogen?


As per an old research report -

The key players operating in the market include Praxair India Private Limited, Linde India Limited, INOX Air Products, Bhuruka Gases Limited, Air Liquide India, Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Ltd., Gujarat Alkalies And Chemicals Limited, DCW Limited (DCW), TATA Chemicals Limited, and GHCL Ltd.

Also, recently a lot of state-run companies have also become involved in hydrogen production -

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Hey Prayag thank you for your immediate response.

May I know how you know about the companies, I mean what tool you used to find out?
And how did you find out articles that fast, as soon as I posted my question.?

Chandra Vamshi Dasyam