I ..13 lakhs debt ... never done anything in stock market


i am in 13 lakhs debt

I have very little money

I want to clear the debt my making money in stock market

I dont have any experience in “STOCK MARKET”

can any body help me …!!! how can i do this ??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Help is don’t ever ever ever come here.

Get real job , Work hard , pay back or sell your assets and payback the debt. If you come here to gain from market you have to sell your assets , without paying your debt.

After you have 0 debt , and free money floating … trade and learn for at least six months. After you wipe your disposable capital for couple of times you will be ready…10% and keep learning.


You will have another debt of 13 lacs within 13 weeks if you come to stock market :joy::joy:


Stock market is the last place you should be in if you are looking to make desperate money and pay debt’s. Yeah it is lucrative but success isn’t always guaranteed, more so for a novice trader. As @vishnux said, you should better get real job, work hard, pay your debts and when you have free cash available which you can afford to lose, then only try your hand in stock market.


There is no charity done here bro . .if you really have passion for market, then only come here.

After reading your question …

Stock market - Am i joke to you ?


i have seen 1 trader mitesh patel from surat he list 35 L now makes 2-3 L + writing options you can find him on Twitter

I took a Personal loan (years back when I was newcomer in the share market) in the euphoria to make some money despite my better judgement. Few months later I lost almost 3.10 Lakhs in a single trade. My euphoria and making money off stock market mindset vanished and the next two years I just paid back the installments from my salary. :pensive:
Now as years have passed, I have gained some experience and learned some real knowledge by giving quite a bit of money, basically most of my salary to the market. Now, after I am gained some sense, I am very conservative for all the trades I make, yeah sometimes I am wrong but I am never going on wild goose chases.

If you are newcomer then please :pleading_face: :pray: forget that you could clear 13 Lakhs debt with little money. Even professions would take years to even commit to such fallacy.

And lastly why do you think someone will help you to make 13 Lakhs with “very little money” to clear your 13 Lakh debt. If I could do that I would be a billionaire by now. :shushing_face:

Also a word of suggestion, don’t fall prey to people who would assure of the same because then you would even loose the money you have. :joy: Take it slow and first of all have some respect for the Market.


There is no FREE LUNCH in the world , mainly in the stock market

Never Trade with Borrowed Money
Never Trade for to clear Borrowed Money

Emotion will play with these TWO line sentence


Get a real job. Work in double shifts and get rid of the debt. If you come to stock market without experience and with debt, your mindset is not for realistic, achievable goals. Stay away and once life settles down rethink on this topic.


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what the joke!?
what are you drinking? enjoy before the year ends.

DO NOT even try for now play with stock market cause your debt now may triple or even worse become with you, so I do really want to see that over time. Care to share that with me or not ? I am also do not plan to advice more to you.

It’s very easy to share Gyan to other s if you can’t help don’t advice also

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Help him please

@Kunal_Singh and @Pawan_Singh1 : every one is helping lol ,

Just wondering where you spent those 13 lakhs? Stock Market? :thinking:

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He’s helping only with this advice :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Stock market is a place where people have became billionaire millionaires with no physical business, no degree etc :slightly_smiling_face:

13 lakhs is small amount to earn in stock market if you can predict the moves,

I suggest you to first learn the basics about stock market and its instrument (segments)
Technical analyzing, fundamental analyzing etc (zerodha varsity) got good content,
First study and then start trading
You will surely pay debt and earn money.

And don’t rely on anyone to get tips, calls for Buy Sells in msgs Tv media etc


i did not spend those 13 lakh’s in stock market !!!

i have never … traded or anything else … in stock market

Looking at stock market as a way to make 13 lakhs to clear my
debt of 13 lakhs
( debt of 13 lakhs is personal Loans )